Apps that promise to measure your blood pressure using the mobile camera are useless, according to a study.

Just a simple search on Google Play to find dozens of applications that promise to measure your blood pressure without the need for a dedicated sensor such as some of the most popular smartwatches.

Apps that promise to measure your blood pressure using the mobile camera are useless, according to a study.
Apps that promise to measure your blood pressure using the mobile camera are useless, according to a study.

To do this, they base their operation on the device's sensors and subsequently generate calculated results based on different algorithms.

But how reliable are these tools? According to a recent study published by a group of scientists at the John Hopkins University School of Medicine, not too much.

In fact, after thoroughly examining the operation of one of the most popular apps in this category, it has been concluded that these types of apps are highly inaccurate, and can pose a risk to the health of users in case of er misused.

Do not use apps to measure your blood pressure: they are "highly inaccurate."
Before entering fully to see the results of the analysis, it is necessary to remember the operation of these apps as indicated in PhoneArena, among the applications that form this category, we can find several types.

Those that mimic the design of a tensiometer and show an area on the screen. To put the finger to indicate an utterly random result finally, but always within the values ​​considered "normal" for a healthy person, so as not to raise too many suspicions.

On the other hand, we have the applications that measure the heart rate - not to confuse with the blood or arterial pressure - using the flash and the camera of the mobile, and whose operation, without being exact, can approach the correct values.

And finally, we find those that use their stress measurement techniques. Precisely the latter are the protagonists of the research carried out by scientists.

And precisely this type of apps has been chosen since among them was one of the most popular that existed in Google Play and the Apple App Store, until its creators decided to withdraw it for reasons that are still unknown today.

The app in question had been developed by the AuraLife company and had more than 100,000 million installations despite having a price close to 5 dollars.

In its description, the application claimed to be able to estimate blood pressure using a technique that consists of placing the upper part of the device on the left chest. At the same time, the user had to put his index finger on the front camera of the phone.

But even this convoluted way of placing the terminal didn't seem to work. 

After thoroughly analysing the results of the app, it was concluded that the measures were highly inaccurate since a large part of the individuals with hypertension had obtained results that placed them at levels below the range of this pathology.

Any user who suffers from some disorder related to blood pressure will take the data of an application of this type as reliable - or at least should not - the fact that apps As this is available in the stores of the leading platforms are worrying. 

We trust that apps based on other truly reliable techniques will not be long in coming.

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