Pokémon GO announces attack updates and general bug fixes in Coach Fights.

Pokémon GO has started the year as the previous one ended, with a lot of events, such as the celebration of the Lunar New Year with red Pokémon and a limited investigation of Minccino.

Pokémon GO announces attack updates and general bug fixes in Coach Fights.
Pokémon GO announces attack updates and general bug fixes in Coach Fights.

Even Niantic's star play has already confirmed its first live events of 2020. Now, the popular mobile game has announced updates of attacks and general bug fixes in Coach Fights.

The team responsible for Pokémon GO has communicated, through the official website of the game, the arrival of a series of corrections of general errors in the Coach Fights, with which they are heading for a new "incredible" function that will arrive soon, and updates on attacks.

In this way, loaded attacks and Pokémon changes will be queued and activated at the end of the current fast attack. A subsequent loaded offense will not cancel them.

Specific visual errors in the fighting have also been fixed, and existing attacks have been updated, such as Megachord.

A loaded Bug-type attack that now deals more damage; and Voltiochange. A fast attack of the Electric-type that now activates and generates energy faster. Even now, certain Pokémon will soon be able to learn attacks never seen in Pokémon GO.

New attacks will come to Pokémon GO in the future.

For example, Flying Iron is a loaded attack of type Fight that has reached the world of Pokémon GO. Of course, there are still no pocket monsters in the augmented reality game that can learn this attack, although Niantic hopes to offer more information about it soon.

The following Pokémon can learn attacks that they didn't know before:

Plusle and Minun. Weed Loop: This loaded Plant-type attack will help these Zest Pokémon to face the Earth-type Pokémon that could give them war in the Super Ball League.

Lanturn Spark: Lanturn did not have before any attack of type Electric that could be compared in the potential to its attacks of type Water. Spark will make Lanturn a strong leader and a good adversary for Azumarill, with super-effective damage, and for Altaria, with neutral loss.

Ampharos Thunder Fist: This charged attack will make Ampharos a great Electric-type contender in the Super Ball and Ultra Ball leagues.

Masquerain Bubble Thunderbolt: This Water-laden attack will cause Masquerain to have a good hedge attack to deal with Fire and Rock-type Pokémon that could trouble this Bug and Flying Pokémon.

Vespiquen. Cut Fury and Airstrike: These Bicho and Flying-type attacks increase Vespiqueen's strength and make it more viable in combat by matching the shooting with the kind of Pokémon.

Finally, Pokémon GO will recover some of the most potent attacks from certain Pokémon discovered in Kanto to ensure that players who have joined the game later can enjoy them.

For example, Raichu and his Impactrueno attack, Magneton with Impactrueno and Spark, Venomoth, and the Fang attack Ven, Haunter and Hypno with the Shadow Ball attack.

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