Organic positioning in Amazon, how to achieve it?

SEO is not just a matter of general search engines; any platform that has a search engine (such as marketplaces ) is valuable for positioning content or products. Thus, the organic positioning in Amazon becomes a necessity for all those retailers who want to have visibility on this platform, above the outcomes of their competition.

Organic positioning in Amazon, how to achieve it?
Organic positioning in Amazon, how to achieve it?

The organic positioning in Amazon differs significantly from the positioning in general search engines because, although it shares with the general SEO techniques the optimization of keywords, different factors influenced by the volume of sales, such as the sales ranking, prices, or the own seller performance.

However, the keyword, as its name indicates, is the search key and, therefore, the first step that every seller must take when launching an SEO strategy on Amazon. The platform itself has Keyword Rank Tracker, a tool to monitor keyword rankings that aims to narrow the gap between consumer searches and the terms that sellers use to describe their products.

Almost as important as the consumer finding a seller's product is that it arouses some interest in it once it has been located. At this point in the search, the photo, the price, and the valuation become essential factors for the user, and Amazon's algorithm knows it. That is why these three factors have significant weight when positioning in the Amazon SERPs.

Acting on the quality and representativeness of the photos is simple, in the sense that it only depends on the seller. However, working on price and valuations becomes more complicated, since there are other actors involved, such as competitive sellers, courier providers, or consumers who assess whether or not their expectations have been met. That is why sellers must act on all those aspects over which they do have control, and that affect these values, taking into account the quality-price, the proper functioning of the shipments, and, above all, encouraging buyers to leave a valuation. 

How a particular product is categorized will also greatly influence positioning, since choosing those categories that have less competition will make us more visible. Attending to the sales ranking and studying how those sellers who have products placed in the first positions are doing will also give us a good clue as to which practices are optimal for proper organic positioning in Amazon.

With the emergence of Alexa and the birth of voice commerce, the equation is complicated. In voice searches, SERPs disappear, and the single result prevails. Amazon's voice interface positioning requires not only being among the best but also being the best. The first suggestion that Alexa offers to the consumer pulls the user's purchase history: it is urgent to enter there. If there are no coincidences, premium “Amazon's choice.” Winning that privileged position is not easy, nor is it maintained in it.

As we see, organic positioning in Amazon is not a simple task, but it becomes an essential job if we want to have actual presence and visibility. The optimization of product sheets requires specific knowledge, so this work should fall on SEO professionals with experience in e-commerce.

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